Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Down to Earth Day - Super Soakers

I used to chime in about Super Soakers every now and then... but, from the looks of Nerf's 2014 lineup, I'll probably sitting this one out.  I was reminded today, being Earth Day, of the new look for Super Soaker by their post on their Facebook Page today.

Commence Rant Mode!

For the past few years, the Super Soaker lineup had taken on a bit of a "Tacti-cool" look to them.  Previously, the Thunderstorm, Tornado Strike, and Shot Blast had N-Strike compatible accessory rails and even had removable stocks, too.  They were fashioned much like their dart-firing brothers, but their performance wasn't too earth-shattering.  Lets be honest.  Half the reason these blasters sold was so you could ALSO get a cool accessory to put on your Nerf blaster!

The new lineup, while it still has a few recolored versions of previous models, has this odd white/blue/green look to 'em.  It makes the blasters look more like the goofy bright colors you see from other water gun manufacturers.  They've also done away with the accessories and such.  The designs in general (aside from those recolored from before) don't really fit the look the previous years had.  I understand why they've done this... to further differentiate the lineups from eachother.  ZombieStrike looks different from N-Strike Elite which looks different from Rebelle which looks different from Super Soaker.  But, in making the Super Soakers look more like the other funky colored water blasters out there... now I think they've shot themselves in the foot for one reason: cost.

Nerf Products always cost more than competitors.  If you ask me, the cost is justified because they do make a quality product that works well.  The "Nerf or Nothin" slogan explains why it's worth it to go with a Nerf Product over something else... and even the N-Strike lineup has picked up the "Elite" name to further shine marketing dominance over their competitors on the shelf.  But you can SEE the difference between the products.  So, in making the new Super Soakers look like your average run-of-the-mill water guns that are already on the market... but still have them more expensive, buyers are less inclined to give the triggerless pump-to-fire Super Soakers the sale if something just as goofy-looking can be purchased for less.

There's less of a pull for buyers to get a Super Soaker.  They probably get the same mediocre range as they have since they put the "Nerf" logo on 'em.  There's no cool accessories to pimp your dart blaster out with.  They've got goofy colors.  They lack a trigger (except those electronic ones).  They're still more expensive than most generic water blasters.  I can't be any more down-to-earth about this!  The new Super Soaker lineup has no real pull in my books.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Q&A: Everything Events!

While I was making preparations for the Introduction Video posted on Tactical Tag's birthday last week, I stumbled upon a lot of great old footage and it got my gears turning again.  Sometimes the best ideas for the future can come from the past!  One of those bits was something I think I enjoyed as much as readers and fans did.  There were two weeks where I answered questions from readers about Nerf and Laser Tag.  So, with the summer months coming up quick (sorry, Australia) and my own personal plans for the MLTA and a local Nerf group are ramping up, I figured what better time to field some questions about Event Organization.

It's really something I've pushed for awhile.  Not just to mod your blasters, but to get out and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your mates either indoors or outdoors (or both).  I did a video during those Q&A weeks specifically about Event Planning, so I thought I'd do two things.  The first, shed light on the information I've already provided (aka, go check out that video if you haven't before).  The second, field more questions from YOU about this and then go about answering them in a video format again.  It's a common enough question that I get both on a local level and in comments on Facebook, YouTube, and this blog.

SO, at the end of this week (April 26th), I'll hopefully have gathered up enough questions from everyone to put together a Q&A session for Nerf and Laser Tag Events.  Anything about events, from finding places to play to getting enough interest to start up a group (and keep it GOING), you ask 'em and I'll answer 'em!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Egg Day!!

Tactical Tag would like to wish everyone a happy and ridiculous "Egg Day".  No Cadbury Bunnies were harmed in the filming of this video... very much.

Put together a special video on this "Egg-Day" Sunday! Doesn't matter if you're celebrating Easter with your family today or if you're at home watching re-runs of "Home Improvement". Whatever you do... keep a blaster handy in case of a bunny sighting!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Slydev Systems

When this package from Hasbro showed up with 6 more SledgeFire Shells, instantly I got to thinking "what is the best way to use all this ammo I suddenly have for my beloved shotgun?"  Yep, that's right.  Slydev!

I've often talked about Slydev, that neato Nerf company with the custom accessory bits that bridge the gap (literally) between your blaster and your gear.  It's all about integration and weapon-mounted accessories with most of their stuff.  However, I've yet to pick up any of their nifty gizmos.  Not out of disinterest, mind you!  I just haven't really had a need for it yet.

Originally, I was just thinking of using a pouch to carry the extra shells in.  I've used the Dart Holder Accessory from the Barrel Break on this a bit, but it gets a little clunky taking out shells and refilling them on the fly, which is why I figured extra shells and a pouch would do the trick.  Honestly, when I ordered the shells I didn't even think of Slydev.  For some reason, the second this box showed up, BAM.  That's all I could think of using.

Now then, I'm not an expert on building these systems up and I've seen some impressive loadouts that utilize multiple rails and such.  I have a total of 12 Shells at my disposal, so what I'd like to do is figure out what combination of parts would work to maximize storage on the SledgeFire.  I get the feeling that having ALL those on there would be a bit clunky to make the blaster to use, so I'm open to suggestions on how to load it up.  Have all of 'em on the blaster?  Have a few on the blaster and the rest in a pouch? Also, if you have a SledgeFire loaded up, please share those pictures so I can get some ideas.  Thanks!!

Slydev SledgeFire Shell Holder

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3 Years of Tactical Tag

To most US residents, April 15th merely means "Tax Day".  To me, it's a milestone for this blog and what it's managed to accomplish each year.  That's right!  Today, Tactical Tag turns 3 YEARS OLD!

While I actually have been quite busy over the past few weeks or so, I did manage to get a neat video together that kind of ties the past with the present in one big "Why I do what I do" video.  It'll act as an Introduction Video for my YouTube Channel and has some neat throwbacks of older gear and reviews mixed in.

Since 2011, it's been the same story.  Modifications, Reviews, Game Summaries, News, and everything that ties into those, it's all here. Yes... sometimes I blur the lines between the other stuff I do, but that's really what's made doing this fun for the past couple of years.  This element has made Tactical Tag unique and helped it stand the test of time that other sites that have come and gone sometimes lack.  Continuing this blog has been easy because, as you'll see from this video, it's part of who I am.  And when you're doing something that is just second nature, it's that much easier to keep it going.

I'd be lying if I said the only thing sustaining this blog was the fact that this is what I enjoy.  I come back to Tactical Tag every day to interact with YOU, the readers and viewers who fuel this thing.  So I want to sincerely thank you all for making this blog, YouTube, and Facebook page worth maintaining.

See the video after the jump!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shellin for Shells

I did a reloading trick with the ZombieStrike SledgeFire a month or so ago.  I've had a lot of questions about spare shells for the SledgeFire and, at the time, the only way you could get more shells was to buy another SledgeFire.  However, I also knew that eventually Nerf would release those spare shells on their own.  Well, now they're released!  I pre-ordered mine and just got a notification that they're shipping now.

The pack comes with 3 shells for $4.99.  No darts included, as this is an online-only refill pack.  You won't find these on store shelves.  Regardless, if you want 'em, head on over to this link at to order yours!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Hunt is On!

The past week or so has been very busy outside of my hobbies, hence the lack of updates.  A couple things got forgotten, including a new "Shot of the Week", so I'll resume all of that next week.  Between a business trip, home renovations, and finishing up plans for my wedding... I've been a bit swamped!

SO, life should be resuming sometime this coming weekend.  In the meantime, I've prepared another Scavenger Hunt o help keep you entertained!

We did one of these back in October and it was pretty fun! With the resources on this blog, the Facebook Page, and the YouTube Channel, I figured I'd give a list of things to find that span all 3 sites for Tactical Tag. If you missed the last one, here's how it works.

There's a clue for each number on the list. Your job, if you wanna win, is to find the link and post it as your answer. For instance:
Item #1: A Picture of a close call up against some BuzzBee Suction Darts
This can be found on the Facebook Page, so just pull the link for the photo and post it as your answer!

As far as scoring goes: this contest will end one of two ways. The first being that someone finds all of the items FIRST. If in the next 24 hours someone has already completed the scavenger hunt, the contest would be over provided they found everything correctly. HOWEVER, if it's tough and there's a bunch that are CLOSE but not quite correct, I'll choose the most accurate one on April 14th, which happens to be when Taxes are due in the US. I won't publish anyone's answers until I've found a winner!  Click past the jump to see the questions!